The coolest frontend conference in Moscow from the organizers the biggest IT conference behind Urals — CodeFest.

FrontFest is a frontend conference. We have five tracks to cover the whole frontend developing world. We find talks about solving problems, experiments, something doing developers work easier.

FrontFest is communication! For eight years we have been helping 1,500 CodeFest members communicate and plan to do the same in FrontFest. Expert zones, networking, party and other straightforward ways of communicating with speakers and between participants.

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  • When things start getting serious - Building a production-ready Node.js backend

    You already had fun creating a Node.js server and your prototype is up and running? Now comes the serious part — getting it production ready. In this workshop we will start with such a basic prototype and work our way from setting up proper configuration management and request validation to capturing logs, custom metrics and request traces. You will learn about best practices and helpful packages and practice right away on the example project.
    Franziska Klingner
  • Six apps — one code with angular

    You and your team have this great Idea and you have your users using different devices and operating systems to access the same application. Some users are on the Web, some on Mobile some of their Desktop and you also have to worry about what operating system they are on and also have to consider how your application is presented on each device & operating system.

    What if there was a way to code your app without worrying too much about operating systems/devices/screen sizes and just focusing on getting your idea across to your users regardless. Join me on a journey where I show you how to use Angular, Ionic & the PWA standard to build apps for IOS, Android, Windows, Web, Mac & PC with the same code all using just HTML5.

    Sani Yusuf
  • Twin-stick Shooter from scratch

    Let's write an Arena Shooter together in vanilla Javascript. Using basic knowledge of Canvas, DOM events and APIs we will build the gameplay of a classic but shiny Arena Shooter.
    Mathieu 'p01' Henri



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