The foggy future of JavaScript or where we all go Kvartirniki

Modern Web technologies are developed by leaps and bounds:

  • every month with new versions of browsers we get a huge number of new APIs;
  • every year the number of new operators and the amount of syntactic sugar in JavaScript grows;
  • now, you can write in almost any programming language in the browser with cross-compilation in WebAssembly code.

All these things are very interesting.

This discussion will be about the upcoming changes in our profession. We'll look at what the WebAssembly appearance in the browser can affect, what part of the work can be given to C/C++ programmers, and at the ability to run Java or C# code in the browser. We'll talk about parallel JavaScript code and atomic operations in it. We'll dive into typification with TypeScript, Flow, PureScript, Reason and discuss the latest suggestions for JavaScript typification. We'll know about the latest news from the fronts of Stage 0-4 and about possible innovations from other programming languages.

Come and witness the future of JavaScript.


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